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Digidust is a Marketing Agency that focuses on putting the right messages in front of the right audiences.

We work with forward-thinking clients who understand the power of storytelling. We are industry agnostic; generating growth is our core business.

Years ago, one of our first clients then defined us as "Marketers who understand technology."

We believe it is still relevant today.

Our team works remotely from 5 different countries, as we prioritize passion and talent, regardless of who people are and what their preferred lifestyle is.

You'll also find us in Brickell at our HQ in Miami, Florida. Feel free to stop by.


Content & Community Management

Content & Community

We develop impactful social content strategies, mentor your internal team or create the content you need to take your storytelling to the next level.

There's no significant growth without building brand awareness and cultivating a loyal relationship with your audience through engaging content. The end goal is to start a conversation and turn prospects into customers.

  • Social Media Strategy & Tactics
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Team Coaching
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management

Paid Traffic & Advertising

Getting your content in front of your target audience is key when it comes to growth and... you can't count only on organic reach anymore.

We create and design Ads that actually convert. We manage the advertising platforms for you and make sure your marketing dollars are invested in campaigns that work.

  • Advertising Strategy & Tactics
  • Data Infrastructure & Analytics
  • Creative & Copy Creation
  • Campaigns Management & Constant Optimization

PO's Tactical Letter

Knowledge is Power!

Pierre-Olivier sends his Tactical Letters to our friends and clients, to teach them everything we know about Social Media Marketing, our best tactics to grow and sell, and the most important news related to the platforms we work with. We keep it short and simple. You get great tips you can put at work, right away, by yourself. Yes! It's 100% free.

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Brands Who Have Trusted Us

We have served dozens of clients since 2011 and among them...

Who Are We?

We are a boutique agency with around 12 amazing people working remotely from 5 countries, and speaking natively 4 languages. We usually work as an extension of your team, making your business vision ours. Please meet our management team.

Marc Algeri

Executive Assistant to CEO

Pierre-Olivier Carles

CEO & Strategy

Stephane Menoret

Head of Traffic & Advertising

Annie Smith

Head of Content & Community

Contact us

We work with clients from the United States and Europe, regardless of their size and state, as long as we think we can bring them significant value.

Simply send us an email at hello@digidust.com.

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