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There is a way to receive virtually unlimited exposure for free on Instagram.
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Your engagement rate is your most significant indicator.

It is by far more critical than the number of followers you have.

The recent changes Instagram has made to its algorithm, aim to make of your level of engagement your primary asset.

  Your engagement rate is the lord of the rings of instagram marketing.
one k.p.i. to control them all!
Instagram Detox

Instagram tries to keep its users as long as possible on the platform.
The more you stay, the more it learns from you and exposes you to - the right - Ads.

So, to have you stay longer, it tries to show you the best content it can, some content that hopefully you will like.

To define how good is a post, Instagram simply relies on the level of engagement the post has.
The higher it is, the more the content is considered valuable.

When your Engagement Rate is higher than average, Instagram takes your content to the Explore page and makes it rank on hashtags. 

This is how your content can have unlimited exposure. 
With a great Engagement Rate.
  in mathematics we trust.
Here is the proof you are looking for.

Back in the days, many brands and influencers didn't know the Engagement Rate was so important, so they purchased Fake followers.

They wanted their account to "look good".
It was not necessarily vanity, it was marketing.

Also, it was a common belief that having a lot of followers was a sign of success. 

Now, we know it is not necessarily the case.

Also, even if you have not acquired any fake followers, the more your account grows, the more you get "Ghost Followers"... and unfortunately, they penalize your account's performances the same way.

Let's do some basic maths.

If you have 200 followers and 10 likes per post, you have a 5% Engagement Rate.

Let's say 50 of these followers are Ghosts for many reasons.
By getting rid of them, your Engagement Rate is now 7.5%. (150 followers and 10 Likes on average).

Without even changing the way you post content, you just improved by 50% your Engagement Rate, and gave more chances to your content to be exposed by Instagram on hashtags and the Explore tab.

We know the actual formula is much more complex than that, but we just want you to understand the idea.

This tactic is amazing, don't you think?

Cleaning your followers and getting rid of the ghosts is the exact reason we have designed Digidust's Detox solution.

We analyze 100% of your followers, identify the ghosts and block them so they don't follow you anymore.

Of course, you are going to lose some followers in numbers, but these followers are not the ones you want to keep.

Our Detox solution is really a Detox.

Your account loses weight by getting rid of the fat, so it is healthier and you start building lean muscle faster.

Yes, after Digidust's Detox, your account will grow organically without you doing anything else than posting good content.

> Influencers who purchased fake followers in the past.

We can help you gradually remove these unwanted followers and make your account more attractive for brands.

Influencer Marketing is very trendy and fast growing. Because this market is a multi-billion dollar one, brands make wiser decisions. They investigate far beyond the simple count of followers.

Soon, Influencers not having an engaged community tied with an emotional connection will disappear.

By making the right decision on the long term and detoxing gradually your account, you stay on the safe side of the business.

> Brands who also purchased fake followers back in the days.

We totally understand that "it looks better" and that your management asks for growth in followers.

By gradually detoxing your account, you serve that goal on the long term. It might not be a popular decision in your company but it is the right one.

You give more exposure to your content and reach a larger amount of people in your target audience. 

If your content is good and valuable, you will convert these viewers into followers, more engaged and keen to buy your products than ever.

Remember shopping features are coming strong on Instagram. Soon, the same management will ask you how you convert your followers into buyers.

Ghost followers don't buy anything.

> If you have never purchased Fake followers but your account is more than 18 months old, you have ghosts followers too.

There's nothing you can do to stay away from them.

They follow you because you used a hashtag they address the same niche than yours.

Other ghosts you probably have are followers you had from the beginning. These people might have left Instagram, lost their password, or simply stopped engaging with your content so they don't see it anymore.

These ghosts are dead weights for your Engagement Rate.

They penalize it as much as Fake followers do. 

You need to get rid of them and keep a highly engaged community to benefit from the fantastic potential Instagram offers you in terms of marketing and sales.

> We never disclose who our clients, to anyone.

> If you have bought Fake accounts, you are in good hands with us.

We don't judge the marketing tactics you have experimented.

We simply work hard and fix your account in a matter of weeks or month, depending on the size.

> We block accounts identified as ghosts so they are not in your followers anymore, and then, we unblock them. If we made a misinterpretation - it can happen when we detox accounts having hundreds of thousands of followers - they will be able to follow you back again.

> We can send you a list of the followers we have identified as ghosts BEFORE blocking them if you want to so you can tell us the ones you want to keep anyway, or how deep you want us to go so your stats don't look bad either. Just removing 10% of your ghost followers is very good for your Engagement Rate. There's an extra-cost for that option, but it can be worth it if you are a politician or someone who can't afford not following some users for various reasons.

> It doesn't matter if you have 2,000 or 25,000 or 500,000 followers.
We clean your account and make it organic again.

Our rates are intended for chunks of 50,000 followers.

We have plans that cover most of our clients's needs. Regardless the size of your community, we can help you make it much much better.

> Once your Instagram account is healthy, we offer a maintenance plan at a very low rate, that keeps ghosts away, so you don't have to detox it over an over again.
  For your Instagram account like for yourself, staying healthy is crucial.
Digidust's Detox for Instagram
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